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Foods for hair and nails

Enrich your blood


It may sound strange to enrich one's blood - does it mean the blood amount inside the body is not enough? No
Does it mean the blood is too watery? No
Do I have an undiagnosed blood disease? No

In TCM terms blood has to be full of nutrients and have enough of them to supply all the organs in the body.

The quality of blood can be affected by overworking, over exercising, heavy menstruation, some medicines, poor diet, not enough rest.

The results of having blood which is considered "poor" in quality are:
  • Weak brittle hair
  • Weak brittle nails
  • Feeling tired
  • Dry skin
  • A nervous disposition
  • Poor sleep
There are a lot of dietary supplements available for these symptoms, here I am adding some beneficial foods.

Grains: Oats, rice, wheat
Vegetables: Artichoke, beetroot, kale, sweet potato, spinach, watercress
Fruit: Apricot, avocado, cherries, dates, figs, lychees (the best), mulberries
Beans: Aduki, black, kidney, soybeans
Seeds: Sesame
Fish: Carp, eel, mussels, octopus, oyster, salmon, shark, squid, tuna
Meat: Beef, chicken, duck, lamb, mutton, pork
Dairy: Cheese, eggs, milk, goat's milk, yogurt
Herbs: Nettle, parsley
Condiments and oils: Miso, molasses, coconut
Nuts: Hazel nut, peanut

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