Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Foods cooking tips

How cooking affects food temperature

Salads and raw foods in general are cold. They are a good choice if the weather is hot, if a person is always hot. They should be used with caution if the weather is cold, damp, wet, or a person has a poor digestion.

Boiling and steaming foods makes them neutral - not too hot, not too cold.  This method of cooking suits any climate and any person. They are especially good for ill, old, very young people. They are the most digestible form of cooking and if a person is ill, have small portions often.

Stewing and stir-frying warms the food. This kind of cooking suits a cool climate, or cool days.

Baked foods are slightly warmer than stewed or stir fried. This type of cooking with stewing and stir-frying will make the stomach warm. Good if you have poor digestion. Good for winter, cold days, cool, damp, wet days.

Deep fried, roasted, grilled and barbequed foods are hot. This type of cooking is best suited for cold weather. I know barbeques are very much in vogue in the summer; it is true the food is hot but it is usually eaten with salads, cold drinks, outside and in hot climates often people cool down in the water. If you are always sweating and really suffer from the heat, perhaps choose another cooking method.

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